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901BA Dicor Water Based Adhesive

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Dicor 901BA-1 EPDM Water Based Bonding Adhesive - 1 Gallon

The water-based bonding agent is part of Dicor’s three-part roofing system that includes the roofing membrane, bonding adhesive, and lap sealant. Dicor has secured the best combination of products to make installation of a new roof covering as easy and reliable as possible, thereby enhancing RV enjoyment. Each component in the kit is formulated, tested, and proven in the field to create an excellent bond. By using this Water Based Bonding Adhesive as part of the installation system - according to the instructions provided - for Dicor EDPM and TPO installation, Dicor will warrant that aftermarket product for 12 years. Specially formulated to be environmentally and user safe, Dicor Water Based Acrylic Bonding Adhesive can remain open longer during installation. It provides excellent coverage and is easy to apply. The bonding agent is designed for use on moisture-absorbent substrates, not on metal or fiberglass. Also, it should not be used to bond rubber to rubber.

  • Provides excellent coverage and is easy to apply
  • Designed for use on moisture-absorbent substrates
  • EDPM and TPO only
  • Designed for easy application
  • Size: 1 Gallon