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ToughGrade Banding Kit - Complete Packaging Solution | Banding Cart | Banding Tensioner | 5/8" Seal Crimper | 5/8" Serrated Seals

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ToughGrade Banding Kit - Complete Packaging Solution | Banding Cart | Banding Tensioner | 5/8" Seal Crimper | 1000-5/8" Serrated Seals | PET Strapping/Banding 5/8" X. 030"X 4600ft.

  • ToughGrade Strapping Cart/Dispenser is a portable strapping tool that works great with polypropylene strapping coils with an 16" x 8" core. It has front wingnut for easy coil loading, and a worker-facing spacious tray convenient for seals or tools. The C-shaped handle simplifies the transportation in warehouse or workstation. The banding tool improves packaging process efficiency and is used in different industries such as aerospace, transport, agriculture, construction, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing, etc. This poly strapping dispenser is excellent for indoor or outdoor use.
  • ToughGrade Heavy Duty PET Strapping/Banding  5/8" X. 030"X 4600ft. | Strapping/Banding breaking strength is 1150 lbs. Core Diameter: 16" X 6". Durable and flexible enough for handling and shipping newspaper, pipe, lumber, concrete block, etc. Great for attaching items to pallets, skids, and crates. Reinforces wooden boxes, crates, and corrugated boxes such as gaylords. Used to attach items to flatcars, flatbed, tractor trailers, etc. Durable enough to secure bales of agricultural products and textiles. Compatible with metal closures, heat welding, and friction welding.
  • ToughGrade Polyester (PET) /Polypropylene (PP) Strapping Tensioner suitable for up to 3/4 inch strapping (banding). Good for strengthening light to medium weight packages such as newspapers, cartons, textiles, etc. This Feed Wheel Strap Tightener grips and stretches the PET/PP strapping firmly via tensioning ratchet. Such high-tension mechanism allows you to avoid any strap sagging and to band a load with a minimal effort. The banding process consists of three stages: wrapping the strapping around the package, tensioning the strap with strapping tensioner, sealing ends with seals and cutting off excess strapping. To operate the instrument, the user does not need specialized knowledge and skills. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use. Feed Wheel PET/PP Banding Tensioner is preferably used in conjunction with a Polypropylene or Polyester Strapping Sealer for your type of strapping.
  • ToughGrade Polyester / Polypropylene Strapping Seal Crimper is a professional device with high-strength sealing action. It supports Polyester (PET) / polypropylene (PP) strapping of 5/8-inch wide and up to 0.040-inch thick. The poly banding sealer is used to secure the ends of the PP strapping with seals when the packaging of light to medium weight packing is needed, such as cardboard boxes, timber, pipes, cartons, textiles boxes, etc. The banding process consists of three stages: wrapping the polypropylene strap around the package, tensioning with polypropylene strapping tensioner, sealing ends with sealer and cut off excess strapping via polypropylene strapping cutter. To operate the instrument, a worker does not need specialized knowledge or skills. Furthermore, this portable strapping tool that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • ToughGrade 5/8" Serrated Open/Snap On Polyester Strapping Seals. Use these galvanized strapping seals to secure polyester strapping. Designed with inside treads that securely grip polyester strapping. Serrated seals provide maximum seal efficiency on smooth strapping.