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ToughGrade 105" Wide Underbelly Material | RV | Camper | Motorhome |

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ToughGrade 105" Wide Underbelly Material | RV | Camper | Motorhome | 

  • Fabric Width: 105"
  • Polyethylene Fabric
  • Color: Black
  • Cross-functional  
  • Woven Mesh Support
  • Insulating Properties
  • Water and Temperature Resistant
  • Resists Tearing
  • Prevents wear on delicate underbelly components
  • Best for stationary mobile homes

Solid, highly-flexible material creates a protective surface that insulates and guards the sensitive components underneath your mobile home or RV. ToughGrade Underbelly is highly resistant to tears and punctures and contributes to overall weight reduction for added fuel efficiency. PLEASE NOTE: This underbelly material is best suited for stationary mobile homes and RV's. It is not intended to be the sole covering on the bottom of your RV, trailer, or mobile home.