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Atwood DV20-S Stainless 2-Burner Drop In Cooktop, Trailer Camper RV Atwood

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Atwood DV20-S Stainless ,2-Burner Drop In Cooktop, Trailer Camper RV Atwood | WedgeWood

High Output 2 Burner Cooktops are perfect for small spaces and tight places. Additional Features:

  • Linear Valves Adjust burners from a gentle simmer to a raging boil quickly and efficiently.Propane Gas Fired 1 - 7200 BTU Burner
  • 1 5200 BTU Burner Linear Valves
  • Rattle-Free Grates Match-Light Ignition
  • Cut-out Dimensions: 16.25" L x 11.5" W x 2.81" D Over All Dimensions: 18" L x 13" W