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Heng's 16-5825 Trimmable Butyl Tape - 1/8" x 1" x 30'

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Don’t Ignore An RV’s Best Friend: Butyl Tape from Factory RV

Let’s get down to the point, you take pride in your RV which means you’re taking good care of it. Weather conditions will build up the wear and tear, or maybe you’re looking to switch things out and change up the style of your RV. You’re going to want, need, to have some butyl tape on hand for when you need it most, so put some trust in Factory RV to have a variety for your needs. If you’re looking for butyl tape ideal for rubber roofs, then check out this option. Make your life a little easier knowing that this butyl tape can be trimmed easily with any stiff, pointed non-scratching object. The off-white color can help blend with your RV rather than standing out like a sore thumb, and with 30 feet you’ll have plenty of butyl tape to last you for every use for quite some time.


  • Ideal for Rubber Roofs
  • Can be easily trimmed with any stiff, pointed non-scratching object
  • Color:
    • Off-White
  • Measurements:
    • ⅛ Inch
    • 1 Inch
    • 30 Feet