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ToughGrade 2 Burner RV Cooktop, 1 x 1600W Induction Burner, 1 x 6500BTU Gas Burner | RV Cooktop | Camper Cooktop

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ToughGrade 2 Burner RV Cooktop, 1600W Induction Burner, 6500BTU Gas Burner

Our ToughGrade Cooktop is a propane gas burner and an induction cooktop hybrid that makes a perfect addition to your RV kitchen. With all the functionality and portability of this cooktop, you’ll have all the flexibility necessary to cook anything your heart desires. The induction cooktop easily removes from the stainless-steel frame for portability and easy cleaning. If you’re grilling outside and need a cooktop for your sides, sauces, or other entrée’s the ToughGrade TG-1+1B is the cooktop for you. With the flexibility of both gas and induction you now have the ability to boil water withing 70 seconds using steel pots and a gas burner for non-magnetic pans.

  • -Easy to clean, the cooktop surface is a ceramic glass surface with touch sensor controls under the glass
  • -The unit can be installed into a countertop or used as a portable cooktop making it ideal for many situations
  • -Requires pans that are made of magnetic materials (cast iron, stainless steel), if a magnet sticks to the pan it will work
  • -Includes True Induction's trademark EZ touch controls, numerous safety features, child safety controls
  • -Has the ability to be built-in
  • -Timer settings and exact temperature settings
  • -Has both a gas burner and induction cooktop
  • -Power: 1600 watts
  • -Designed for LP gas (propane)
  • -Voltage: 120v/ 60 Hz
  • -Temperature range: 150°F - 450°F (exact temp settings)
  • -Select settings: 1-10 levels
  • -Can set the timer to up to 150 minutes
  • -Color: Black
  • -Made of ceramic glass
  • -Weight: 20 lbs
  • -Dimensions: 25-1/4" W x 17" L x 2.8" H
  • -Cutout Dimensions: 23-3/4" W x 14-1/4" L