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ToughGrade 5000lb 24" RV Scissor Jack For Camper Trailer, 4 Pack w/ Handle

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ToughGrade 5000lb 24

When you're camping, it's important to make sure your RV is stable. Not taking steps to stabilize your RV could cause problems with your refrigerator operation and slide-out safety and could allow your RV to sway when you move around inside or in windy conditions. Using stabilizing jacks on both sides of your RV is the best way to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in your RV, minimizing rocking and swaying. Remembering to bring these along can make all the difference when parking your camper.

ToughGrade 5000lb 24" scissor jacks are strong and durable, with a lifting capacity of 5000 lbs per jack, a strength needed when trying to lift an RV or fifth wheel. Using the thrust bearings to get started and the crank for lowering and raising, they can extend from 4" to 24". The jacks are bolted onto your trailer or RV and they extend to the ground once you're parked, with a six-hole pattern spread equally around the outer edge of the bracket. At the base of the jack is a design like a bowtie that helps the jacks get a steady grip on the ground at all times, whether the ground is hard or soft. As an added plus for durability, the coating on these RV jacks is rust-resistant, helping it stay in great shape no matter the weather conditions. With such an easy solution for stability, you have no need to worry about your ground being perfect. Just use these jacks and focus on having a great camping experience in your beloved RV or camper trailer. Don't wait till you're in trouble to get a high-quality stabilizing jack.

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At ToughGrade we have been dealing in RV Scissor Jacks for over 10 years and supply many OEM factories who trust the name ToughGrade. We are an American company bringing you the highest quality and best value on the market. At ToughGrade we control the quality first before it ever reaches the customer, keeping you and your family SAFE. We use a thicker gauge steel and anti-corrosion powder coating to ensure our product stands the test of time through all the elements mother nature has to offer.