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ToughGrade Aluminum Smooth Flat Top Trailer Fender 10" X 36" X 18"

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 ToughGrade Aluminum Smooth Flat Top Fender 10" X 36" X 18"

Tough Grade Aluminum Smooth Flat Top Fender 10" X 36" X 18"

ToughGrade 16 gauge aluminum smooth flat top trailer fenders. This style and size fender is commonly used on single axle utility trailers, such as cargo trailers. ToughGrade fenders can be welded on or riveted for use with all kinds of trailer applications. This fender size, as long as it is installed at the proper location and height, will accommodate most trailer tire sizes from 13 inch to 15 inch trailer tires. ToughGrade 16 Gauge aluminum smooth flat top fenders have the advantage of strength and durability over some other types of fenders. As seen in the pictures, this fender measures 10 inches wide, 36 inches long, and 18 inches high from the ground to the top of the fender. Both sides of this fender are slightly rounded but still present a flat surface, allowing for an easy mounting surface. All ToughGrade products are proudly Made In The USA!

Tough Grade 2-Pack Aluminum Smooth Flat Top Fender 10x36x18

Not only are the ToughGrade aluminum smooth flat top fenders, the most durable, they are the best looking. They measure 10" wide by 36" long and 18" Tall and will accommodate tire sizes from 13" - 15". So let ToughGrade freshen up the look of your utility trailer, cargo trailer or car hauler.

Proudly Made in America!

Made in the USA

Our aluminum smooth flat top fenders are hand crafted in the USA! We pride ourselves on the very durable ToughGrade products that will last you many years.