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ToughGrade Heavy Duty PET Strapping/Banding 5/8" X. 035"X 3400ft.

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ToughGrade Heavy Duty PET Strapping/Banding  5/8" X. 030"X 4600ft.

  • 5/8" X .030" X 4600ft. Strapping/Banding breaking strength is 1150 lbs.
  • Core Diameter: 16" X 6".
  • Durable and flexible enough for handling and shipping newspaper, pipe, lumber, concrete block, etc.
  • Great for attaching items to pallets, skids, and crates.
  • Reinforces wooden boxes, crates, and corrugated boxes such as gaylords.
  • Used to attach items to flatcars, flatbed, tractor trailers, etc.
  • Durable enough to secure bales of agricultural products and textiles.
  • Compatible with metal closures, heat welding, and friction welding.