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PS Driver's Side 48" X 22" X 1-1/2" Exit Escape Window W/Trim Kit

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Factory RV’s Exit Escape Window: A Driver’s Best Friend

Whether it’s something you think about or not, everyone should have some kind of an escape plan if things go south. It’s especially important to have a plan in place should things go wrong if you’re driving your RV, all it takes is one second right? Invest in a driver’s side exit escape window from Factory RV to help make sure you’re ready whether it’s a small accident you might find yourself getting into or run the risk of a larger accident. The driver’s side window comes with tinted glass so you can protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun and enjoy a touch of privacy, and the quick release handle is useful for a quick exit or escape. Don’t leave yourself worried about the what ifs, invest in a Factory RV window where style meets safety. 


  • Trim Kit Included
  • Driver’s Side Window with tinted glass
  • Quick Release handles for exit/escape
  • Measures:
    • 48” Width
    • 22” Length
    • 1½” Depth
  • Improved Exterior Styling:
    • No exposed exterior fasteners giving smoother exterior lines
  • New Screen Design:
    • Flush and low-profile designed to improve clearance and retention
  • New and improved covered weep chambers eliminate exposed weep holes and water track