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Toughgrade Sink Cover 14 3/8"L x 16 9/16"W x 3/8"H | Parchment

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Toughgrade Sink Cover 14 3/8"W x 16 9/16"L x 3/8"H | Parchment

This Toughgrade polyboard sink cover 14 3/8"W x 16 9/16"L x 3/8"H is a great way to add extra light-duty work space to your kitchen! This cover has a hole in the board for easy removal and as an added benefit, the polyboard construction makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Color: Parchment 
  • Measurement: 14 3/8"W x 16 9/16"L x 3/8"H 
  • Material: Polyboard