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ToughGrade Vertical Sliding Black RV window 14" X 22" X 1 1/2" Includes Mounting Ring and Bottom Screen

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Let in the Light with Factory RV’s ToughGrade Vertical RV Window

It seems so simple and easy, just pick out a window and install it into your RV. No need to bat an eyelash or think on it too hard, right? Wrong. A window is just as important as every other part of your RV, even if it doesn’t seem like that. The windows will add a minor touch of beauty to the exterior of your RV, but it’ll come in handy whether you’re looking to open up a window or just wanting to let in some light. For those interested in letting in some natural light and a fresh breeze, Factory RV’s ToughGrade Black RV Window is just what you need. Slide open the window and enjoy the feel of the wind coming in from outside. The tinted glass will let in some natural light while also protecting you from the rays of the sun, nobody likes to get blinded by the sun when they look outside. And the improved exterior styling will give your window smoother exterior lines without the exposed fasteners. You want the right window for your RV regardless of its use, so put some trust in Factory RV to guide you along the way and get you exactly what you need.


  • Black RV Window with tinted glass
  • Measures 14” width x 22” length x 1 1/2” depth
  • New screen design
    • Flush, low-profile screen designed to improve clearance and retention
  • Covered weep chambers eliminate exposed weep holes and water track
  • Improved Exterior Styling
    • No exposed exterior fasteners, gives window smoother exterior lines
  • Mounting Ring and Bottom Screen Included
  • Note” Mounting Hardware and instructions not included