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Vertical Sliding Black RV window 16" X 24" X 1 1/2" Includes Mounting Ring and Bottom Screen

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A Whole New World with Factory RV’s ToughGrade RV Window

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration but you’re obviously looking to upgrade with some windows and you’ve come to the right place. Factory RV has a variety of windows for you, regardless of the size or style you’ve been looking for. Interested in a fixed window to just let in some light? Factory RV has a few options in sizes for you. But for those who’re hoping to be able to open their window, ToughGrade’s Vertical Sliding Black RV Window will be exactly what you need. Everyone knows how annoying and pesky bugs can be, and that’s why we include a bottom screen so you can enjoy the outside without the irritation of the bugs and pests. And with the tinted glass, you can enjoy the peace of privacy while also keeping out the harsh rays of the sun. Just because you want to let in some light or let in a breeze doesn’t mean you should have to worry about blinding yourself when you try to take a peek outside.  


  • Mounting Ring Included 
  • Bottom Screen Included 
  • Black RV Window with tinted glass 
  • Measures 16” Width x 24” Length x 1 1/2” Depth 
  • Improved Exterior Styling:
    • No exposed exterior fasteners to give the window smoother exterior lines
  • New Screen Design:
    • Flush, low-profile screen designed to improve clearance and retention
  • Covered weep chambers eliminates exposed weep holes and water track
  • Note that mounting hardware and instructions are not included