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Vertical Sliding Black RV Window 18" X 35" X 1-1/2" Includes Mounting Ring and Bottom Screen

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Elevated Living with Factory RV’s ToughGrade Window

There’s no need to get fancy with words or look for the technical stuff, not when it comes to something as simple as getting a new window from Factory RV. But that’s the fun part, isn’t it? Factory RV has a stock of windows in various sizes and styles to suit your needs, so it’s not like you have to worry about hours of shopping just to style your RV. Windows are simple. If you’re looking to crack open a window without letting in the bugs, then this’ll be the one for you. Don’t be deterred with the absence of mounting hardware and instructions, we do include a mounting ring and bottom screen for your convenience. You’re looking to style and upgrade your level of comfort in the RV so put some trust in Factory RV to have what you need. Enjoy smoother exterior lines thanks to the new style of hiding exposed exterior fasteners. And the new and improved covered weep chambers will eliminate exposed weep holes and water track. Check out Factory RV for your window needs and see what’ll look best in your RV. 


  • Measures:
    • 18” Width
    • 35” Length
    • 1½” Depth
  • Mounting Ring and Bottom Screen Included
  • Please Note that mounting hardware and instructions are not included
  • Improved Exterior Styling:
    • No exposed exterior fasteners giving smoother exterior lines
  • New Screen Design:
    • Flush and low-profile to improve clearance and retention
  • New and Improved covered weep chambers eliminates exposes weep holes and water track