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Valterra 3" RV Waste Dump Gate Valve w/Cap (1)

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Valterra 3" RV Waste Dump Gate Valve w/Cap (1)

The RV waste dump valve should be well fitted allowing no room for leakage. If the gate leaks consistently, it should be immediately replaced. The Valterra RV waste dump gate valves are tough and durable and have stainless steel shafts. They can be replaced easily and are equipped with plastic handles. The leaking valve could be the result of an obstruction which can be removed by opening the valve and cleaning the waste material.

  • All handles are threaded for easy replacement
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Valves are easy to open and close
  • The valves have plastic handles
  • VALVES are interchangeable with Valterra, Grentec, Anonda, Larden & Bristol. With Plastic Handles.